Jan 10, 2011

Lista actualizata a site-urilor PTC care platesc

Lista actualizata de site-uri PTC care platesc:


Oct 6, 2010

Aug 29, 2010

Anno 1777 pay you real money to play


     Anno 1777, the first social game where you can change the virtual currency for real money.

     Is 100% FREE. Opening an account it takes two minutes.

     You can be the owner of the company, politician or military.

     There are over 20 types of businesses from restaurants to banks and lotteries.

     You can make money with your own magazine, no matter what topic.

     You can buy and sell anything, including other players.

     Invite your friends and earn taxes for life from them.

     It takes less than an hour a day to manage your affairs. It's simple.

     Remember that you need an invitation to open an account, without it you can't made an account. This game is based on the idea that everyone is someone's slave.

     Sign up here !

Aug 16, 2010

How to make free money on the internet

     I offer you a new way to make money on the net, a method that i tested it successfully in the last time. I suppose that will interest everyone because it won't take much time and you don't mind to have a few hundreds dollars plus in your wallet.  

     Despite what people say, to make money on the net is not difficult, but don't go to sleep in the evening and after night expect that you will be rich. What I'm proposing is not a secret and I'm quite confident that something good will come out. Please note that this is not a method to make $ 50,000 overnight, but only about $ 300-400 per month.

     The idea is simple - PTC Sites - Pay to click. You get a few cents for two minutes of your life, during which you click on 4-5 ads, wait to load and then go to your stuff. You can become "pro" and increase your earnings, or you can simply stick with the free version. 

     By upgrading to golden and then to ultimate you will manage to get 3000 rent referrals and an average income of 30$ per day. Considering that this money you are making by clicking on some ads, I say it's pretty good!

     The site is OnBUX. I don't trust in other bux sites that are promising big earnings, because sooner or later they crash.

     I recommend you upgrade to Golden, and above, but only if you get stick to this and click on those ads every day.


     Have fun clicking !